Case Studies

Case Studies

International Bank – Providing great customer service…

The key purpose of these workshops was to explore what it takes to consistently become a “Trusted Advisor” for premier clients.

The bank wanted their top clients to feel that:

• They were treated as individual
• Their needs were anticipated
• They received honest advice
• Their personal advisor added value to their lives.

The attendees were responsible for top tier clients, including entrepreneurs, senior civil servants, solicitors and accountants.

Our design ensured that they reinforced what they already did well, and also inspired them to take their performance up to the next level.

We ensured that the latest thinking in performance improvement and motivation was included, drawing on insights from people like Dave Brailsford, Director of Performance for GB Cycling Team and now head of the SKY cycling team.

The philosophy behind his success is a mentality of “marginal gains”. These are the small “1% performance improvements” that when added together, elevate performance to a higher level. This mantra underpinned the whole workshop by encouraging participants to create their own marginal gains.

The work of Dan Pink, Amy Cuddy and Robert Cialdini was also referenced to ensure that personal motivation and influencing skills were fully explored and practiced in life-like scenarios.

The result was that attendees felt valued, empowered and invigorated with practical hints and tips they could apply quickly and easily into their working practices.

Industry Regulator – Improving the quality of meetings…

Like so many organisations, slowly but surely a culture of numerous, lengthy and unproductive meetings had permeated the building!

Our solution was twofold; firstly develop chairmanship skills, secondly encourage good “followership” in meetings.

Our “leading productive meetings” sessions focussed on proper preparation, running the meeting (including dealing with “difficult” behaviour) and ensuring that outcomes or actions were agreed and effectively communicated.

Our “making meetings successful” sessions encouraged people to evaluate whether they should attend all of the meetings they got invited to, challenge and speak up appropriately during the meeting, and own the actions given to them.

Both sessions used a multi-media approach and illistrated the good behaviours expected in the future. Linking the outputs to the in-house intranet pages on management and engagement helped to embed the desired changes in approach.

By making everybody collectively responsible for ensuring that meetings were a positive use of time, the culture changed to a point were the senior leadership team commented that they needed to reflect the behaviours they were seeing from others!

Consultancy Firm – Negotiation Master Class

Based in the Middle East, the firm were looking for a 2-day course to cover advanced negotiations skills for their client relationship managers.

Our recommendation was for an in depth consultation to determine the existing knowledge, skills and behavioural gaps and better understand what the desired outcomes for this development area were

Our training needs analysis showed that the challenge facing the team was to deliver outstanding service to demanding customers who would negotiate hard to minimise the fees for doing so. The firm’s was acutely aware that they operated in a competitive and important market, which was key for their continued growth and success.

The firm’s clients were also likely to be business savvy, and expect the relationship managers to work hard to win their custom.

Our workshop took a “master class” approach, as the relationship managers were an experienced and knowledgeable group. Our expectation was that they already possessed some degree of expertise in the area of negotiation, but would wish to hone those skills to progress from a competent level to achieve mastery.

Our design:

1. Leveraged their existing skills
2. Exposed them to the latest behavioural and negotiation skills thinking
3. Helped them to apply this knowledge in realistic preparation/practice scenarios
4. Challenged them to apply their new skills in their business environment

The transference of knowledge and skill from workshop to the work place was the ultimate measure of success, so whilst the trainer provided information and insight, the attendees to applied their own thinking and increasingly took ownership of their personal development plan as the workshop progressed.

To help facilitate this we asked attendees to bring real customer details with them – a prospect who was not yet a client, and an existing “Gold” client who the relationship manager wanted to do more business with.

Attendees brought their laptops and had access to the intranet and Internet so that they could apply key learning points in real time, and build their own reference library as they went through the workshop.

In the months following the workshops both client satisfaction and fee income grew significantly.

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