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What is needed?

To build and maintain a successful business your people need to grow and develop their skills. We all know this!

So your learning strategy has to deliver continuous, demonstrable improvement.

What is the challenge in achieving it?

Embedding learning so that it is applied on the job can be a challenge. So much other stuff to do, so many urgent demands on your time, and money!

Did you know that formal learning only represents 10% of how we learn?

What happens with the other 90%?

Well, 20% is achieved by learning through others, for example mentoring or coaching.

70% is through self-directed, experiential learning. 70%!

So how do you know that the coaching support offered by your management team is effective? Have they been trained to help others?

And how do your people develop themselves? Is their learning aligned to your business goals? Do you notice them improve and grow?

If any of these questions are a concern to you we would love to help.

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Richard Thornton

Lead Consultant

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